Hello everyone 🙋‍♂️,

Welcome to my first log! 🎉

I realized how important it is to not only share the results of your work, but also the progress of it. That’s why I created this Logs section.

  • What I’m currently working on as a product designer
  • UX design techniques and best practices
  • My favorite designing tools (and the new ones I add to that list)
  • Glimpses of my life as a product designer
  • Steps I take to build a career as a product designer

I hope this content will inspire other passionate designers out there.

I use Adobe XD regularly for my full-time job, while Figma is my go-to for personal projects. Consequently, I’m eternally oscillating between these two apps on a daily basis.

Having spent the whole day on Adobe XD, transitioning to Figma is somewhat peculiar due to the contrasting scrolling direction for zoom-in and zoom-out operations. Although neither direction seems inherently correct or incorrect, for some reason, Figma’s method appears more intuitive to me.

However, after a much extensive search for a solution, it was disheartening to discover that neither of the applications offers the option to customize the zoom scrolling direction. The sole work-around I could find was to alternately enable or disable the scrolling direction on my Mac.

But going to “Preferences > Mouse settings” every time I needed to make the switch was a tedious process.

While wishing there was a quicker way to switch the mouse scrolling direction on my mac, I did some research and I found a tool called: UnnaturalScrollWheels which exists as a solution for those who want to set the natural scrolling direction on the trackpad while maintaining the regular scrolling direction on the mouse. (Because for some reason, when toggling the “Scroll direction: Natural” option on a mac, it also changes the Trackpad scrolling direction).

With this tool installed, now I simply click the icon on the menu bar > Preferences and check or uncheck the invert vertical scrolling every time I switch from AdobeXD to Figma.

I hope this is found useful for those UX designers, who like me, are constantly using both apps.

I’m currently working on this section and getting ready a couple of blog posts about UX design, tools, and productivity.