About me

I’m Alfredo Gutierrez, a Venezuelan designer based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Currently designing operational software for the surrogacy industry at Orchid Software Solutions.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been helping scale multiple startups and companies by creating custom reliable software that refines and enhances their business processes, having the opportunity to work with clients operating in industries such as the healthcare industry, the surrogacy industry, the legal service industry, and the public sector (government contractors).

How everything started

I heard once that you should find whatever triggers love in you because that would fulfill your life and change the lives of people around you.

Everything started with a 14-year-old boy designing his first website and being thrilled by the fact that something that he created from a desk in the solitude of his bedroom could be seen or used by someone else in another part of the world.

Since then, very few things make me feel the same way I feel when I receive feedback from happy users saying how the software that we built for them is improving their processes and making their business grow.

I went to college to study Marketing because I knew it would teach me to better understand people’s needs and behaviors. Even though I have an introverted personality, the experience of college thought me to care more about people’s intentions and what success means to them.

Today, witnessing how my efforts are improving our clients’ processes is my biggest motivation to continue to love and enjoy my labor as a designer.

Work History

Currently working on creating and maintaining a stable version of a design system that will significantly increase the productivity of the company in the creation of operational software for our clients. The fact that this design system will allow the company to transition from a service to a product company is what I find the most motivating.

Two Fish Creative is a software agency that helps companies improve their processes with custom software that’s beautiful, reliable, and easy to use.

  • Designed the UX/UI and coded the markup and style (HTML5/CSS3) of Evoke, a web app that tells social media influencers how people feel about their brands by analyzing the emotional tone of the comments made by their audiences on their posts
  • Designed the UX/UI and coded the markup and style (HTML5/CSS3) of Watsonfinds, a WordPress plugin that determines people’s emotions after reading your content. This tool also helped us to increase the reach of our marketing campaigns by using more emotional copywriting
  • Designed the UX/UI and coded the markup and style (HTML5/CSS3) of a web application to find and manage government business opportunities. Allowing the company to speed up the solicitation management process and win more government contracts
  • Designed a business presentation of the product exclusively for investors that got us the first investment of $100,000 to start off the web application
  • Designed the UX/UI and coded the markup and style (HTML5/CSS3) of a mobile app that improved the logistics department by successfully meeting all requirements for government shipping and military packing

FBO Biz is a company that helps contractors to find and manage government business opportunities.

Designed and built a set of WordPress themes based on the different types of businesses of our targeted audience that accelerated the delivery of web projects for our clients

Itly.com is a company that accelerates e-commerce activities in the United States for Italian brands.

  • Collaborated with the Marketing team to redesign and build a better structure of the lead generation forms of the agency. Accelerating the process for account executives to assist potential clients more efficiently
  • Designed my first project UX/UI and coded the markup and style (HTML5/CSS3) one of the first web apps in the city dedicated to food delivery

OMM is a branding agency focused on celebrities and the music industry.

A little more about me…

Outside of work, I’m passionate about surfing, music, learning languages, photography, traveling, and poetry.

I share my thoughts and tutorials on design, projects, and personal life on my blog. You can also see what I’m currently working on in my professional changelog.